“Available twenty four (24)
hours daily to negotiate
business with o any
organization or
representatives regarding
our quality services. ”
Mclimak.Com is a corporation charted to provide Engineering services, and information system to our clients by delivering
quality service which is superior to many of our competitors. Our organization is an International Corporation with headquarter
located in Federal Way, Washington State USA. Mclimak is licensed engineering Firm, insured, and bonded, supported by a
skilled management team with various ethnic, and background in engineering and networking delivery system.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest degree in engineering services possible to our respected clients.
It is easy to do business with Mclimak. We are one of the largest Engineering professional, we provide best engineering
professional for Government, Business, Corporation, Individual and various specialties. Mclimak provides peace of mind and
quality for your services.
Mclimak Group is ready to provide quality services to you or your organization with the best
professional staff that you may need.

We are available twenty four (24) hours daily to negotiate business with individual, or any organization representatives
regarding our quality engineering services.
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* Pre K -12 Secondary Education

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